Barium carbonate

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Barium carbonate

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Barium carbonate is a white crystal with the chemical formula of BaCO3, which is one of the most widely used barium salts in the world and is insoluble in water. In fact, barium carbonate reacts with the hydrochloric acid and nitric acid to form water-soluble compounds.

According to published statistics, the main use of barite ore after drilling mud is in the production of barium carbonate. Until 1969, the only way to obtain barium carbonate was to synthesize it from barite or barium sulfide and not extract it naturally. This compound is used in the manufacture of titans, ferrites, and refractories. Another application of this compound is its ability to absorb X-rays in order to protect and prevent propagation, especially in medical imaging environments, and for this reason, this compound is used in the wall of cathode ray tubes, especially in television optical cells. Its application leads to an increase in the quality and higher brightness of the colors of the television image, due to the larger cathodic potentials.

In addition to the above applications, barium carbonate is used in the manufacture of medical glass. Adding it to the glass increases the transparency of the glass and reduces the light scattering in it. In addition, it makes the glass harder and more scratch-resistant. This compound, in part or in whole, can separate lead from crystalline glass. Another application of this compound is to improve liquefaction in molten glass.

Another application of barium carbonate is in the ceramic industry. This compound has two important uses in the ceramic industry, which are:1. Conversion of soluble sulfates to insoluble barium sulfate 2. In the manufacture of electroceramics, barium carbonate is converted to barium titanate

Part of the world's consumption of barium carbonate is dedicated to the production of barium ferrite. This compound is used in the electronics industry and the growth of this industry has increased the demand for barium carbonate in recent years. Some compounds of barium ferrite Such as (Ba,Sr)Nb2O6 or (S.B.N.), (Ba,Pb)Nb2O6 or (P.BN.) and Sr(Ba)8(Y,Zn,Cr) Sr(Ba)8O6 Na4 are used to build computer memory.

Other uses for barium carbonate include adhesive size stabilizer, coagulation of synthetic plastics, in the production of photographic paper, electrolysis ponds of zinc metal production, pulp control in brick making, preparation of rat poison, insecticides, germicides and agricultural pesticides, the melting agent in welding, the melting and refining magnesium, Indium extraction and recycling zinc from the pulp.