it is the beginning of a commitment

Selling is not the end of deal

With hidden charms

The stone is another world

Behind the cold and tired appearance

Progressive in national production

and preventing the sale of domestic

valuable raw materials

Social responsibility, drivers of sustainable development

According to the standards and technologies of the world

Performance beyond environmental standards

Sadid Strontium Processing Company

Sadid Strontium Processing Company was established in 2018 to supply raw materials needed by domestic industries to prevent the uncontrolled export of raw minerals and the import of raw materials. In 2020, this group was selected as a ‘knowledge Enterprise Industrial Company’ by relying on the unique technical knowledge of its native engineers and specialists and using new technologies with acceptable efficiency and quality. According to the needs of customers, this company succeeded in producing the highest quality of barium carbonate and strontium carbonate products for the first time in Iran and Zanjan, respectively.

This factory is located 5 km away from Zanjan province in Noavaran industrial city. The target markets due to the widespread application of products are very wide. Domestic markets for the products of this collection include lead and zinc, ceramic tiles, glass and crystal, pyrotechnics, magnets, electronics, and military.

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  • Sanaat4 St., Abadgaran Square, Noavaran Industrial Town, Dandy Way, Zanjan
  • 09102850072
  • 024-32385125-8