Social responsibility is a task that all sections of a society are obliged to do, but its ratio, amount and type will be different according to the position of natural and legal persons.

When each member of the community participates in supporting the needy or in environmental affairs, they are actually acting on their social responsibility. Obviously, this task in its larger dimensions is the responsibility of organizations, institutions and production and industrial units that use some kind of public resources.

In fact, social responsibility is not limited to large and profitable organizations, but also to all members of society. Corporate social responsibility is a task that compels them to act in their business environment and meet the expectations of society. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that companies have great responsibilities towards employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders, and they must fulfill their obligations to them.

Every organization is required to work to solve problems, issues and improve the life quality of employees, as well as some social, cultural and environmental needs of the community affected by its activities. In this regard, Sadid Strontium Processing Company has tried to provide part of the welfare, social and cultural needs of workers, experts and managers in addition to fulfilling its obligations under labor laws.

Responsible and committed organizations must make the necessary predictions and practical actions against future crises that may endanger societies, based on the principles outlined in their development vision, before problems arise.

Sadid Strontium Processing Company, with a firm belief in the improvement of environmental indicators, has not only acted in accordance with the requirements of the law to reduce pollutants from the activities of its production and industrial units, but has also taken measures beyond its duties to prevent future crises.

The origin of undeniable services in economic prosperity and sustainable development

Obviously, the existence of industrial units anywhere in the world has some cultural, social and environmental consequences that must be avoided. Just as measures are being taken to reduce the negative effects of industrial units anywhere in the world, Sadid Strontium Processing Company has made every effort to reduce damage and improve environmental, cultural, social and economic indicators.